Luxembourg's Democratic Party (DP) hope to convince voters with their emphasis on social values, party president Corinne Cahen explained during the party's congress last Saturday.

If Europe is supposed to become a project of peace and of the future, then it needs to start building on solidarity and social values as soon as possible, the party's president Corinne Cahen stressed during the party's congress in Walferdange.

She added that this positive evolution can only occur if each country does its homework. Luxembourg, in her eyes, is on the right track because, since 2013, the country has not shied away from substantial investments under the direction of Xavier Bettel. In a related vein, she mentioned the lowering of taxes and the strengthening of consumer spending power. Liberal values are more in demand than ever, she stressed.

For Cahen, one of the key challenges that we are facing is to allow future generations to have a good quality of life. This goal can only be reached through cooperation and by preparing the younger generations for the labour market of tomorrow. She also cited digitalization as another challenge. The party's priorities should be clear: to work together towards a young and innovative Europe while promoting a collective strengthening of the Union.

The party's key candidates are Charles Goerens and Monica Semedo. The other candidates are Gusty Graas, Simone Beissel, Loris Meyer and Anne Daems.