Last weekend, a fire broke out in the "Kalendula" garden in Altwies. The barn was home to several goats, chicken and rabbits. None of the animals survived the fire.

As we reported on Sunday, a fire broke out in a garden in Altwies on 9 March. Police were unable to rule out arson and therefore launched a call for witnesses.

In a Facebook post this Monday, Esch-sur-Alzette's 'initiative and local management association' (CIGL) gave details of the incident and regretted to announce that 2 goats, 3 rabbits and 3 chicken died in the fire. They explained that the small educational farm had been built by employees of the CIGL centre.

The barn was used to "weave an emotional bond between children and nature," the report further reads.

Rabbits, goats and chickens died in the fire. Arson cannot be ruled out at this stage of the investigation. / © Facebook / CIGLEschpage

Police are still investigating the incident. Any potential witness should contact Remich police station at (+352) 24477-1000.

Support and outrage on social media

The Facebook post triggered an avalanche of support and outrage. One user, Philippe, for example stated that he was "shocked and scandalised," wondering who "was capable of such a thing." He also asked if the public could help the initiative centre in any way.

Another user, Guy, similarly expressed his support and encouraged the centre to continue its activities "despite such a sad act".

Marie-Claire also denounced the incident as "monstrous" and felt pity for the "poor little animals."

In this context, it should, however, not be forgotten that the origin of the fire is yet to be determined.

Before the fire. / © Facebook / CIGLEschpage

More solidarity and social equity

Esch-sur-alzettes's CIGL is a non-profit and locally-oriented association. It was founded in 1997 and currently boasts 90 employees.

According to the association's manifesto, it "defends an economic system that is more concerned with solidarity and equity."