On Thursday, MPs discussed the training of teachers in primary schools.

One rather contentious issue was on Thursday's agenda in the Chamber of Deputies: the issue of teacher training in primary schools. Earlier that morning Claude Meisch, the Minister of Education, had already presented an amended draft bill.

The CSV MP Martine Hansen cynically asked why MPs even discuss education policy, claiming the minister did what he wanted regardless.

In her continued criticism, the head of the CSV in parliament pointed out that it was not acceptable for the government to take two months before dedicating a discussion to the topic.  She also criticised that the minister would only attend parliamentary commission meetings when asked. Hansen also stressed that the opposition parties were unanimous in that regard.

The minister, however, dismissed the criticism. In his defense, he explained that he had met with unions in the sector and was consequently better equipped to respond to MP questions. He also noted that different groups agreed on reforming training and even giving inductions to young teachers.

In concrete terms, the minister suggested that every trainee teacher should have to take 30 hours worth of lessons on law. Added to this are 30 hours of continued professional development. The offer of courses should continue to expand.

Whilst lesson inspections and portfolios remain a requirement, they will no longer be marked.