In a response to a parliamentary question submitted by LSAP MP Yves Cruchten, Minister of Mobility and Public Works François Bausch provided further statistics on train cancellations in 2018.

In total, 3.16% of trains were cancelled in 2018, marking an increase compared to the 2017 when 2.7% were cancelled. In real terms, this equates to 9,024 train cancellations over the course of the year.

Of these, 3,364 were partial cancellations, such as a train from Troisvierges towards Rodange that stops its journey at Luxembourg Central.

In the response, Bausch explained that more than 2,000 cancellations (and 20% of delays) were direct results of strikes on neighbouring rail networks. The most significant strike to affect Luxembourg's rail networks was the SNCF one in spring 2018.

According to Bausch, the increase in cancellations occurred at the same time as the network improved its punctuality, which reached 91.5%. Since the autumn of 2018, the CFL has been using a new punctuality calculation method for further transparency. This includes trains on time (or arriving within six minutes of the expected time), delayed trains, partially-cancelled trains, and totally cancelled trains. Bausch confirmed that the new calculation method offers a more realistic image of the rail service.