Good morning! The weather forecast for today as provided by Meteolux was very short indeed - "Cloudy and dry, accompanied by a slight rise in temperatures"

Overall the weather will be very similar to yesterdays but ever so slightly warmer. In essence, a partially/largely cloudy but otherwise unremarkable day so far as the weather goes.

Morning temperatures lie between 0 and 2 °C, before gradually climbing to up to 12 °C in the afternoon. Come evening temperatures will drop back down slightly to between 3 and 5 °C.

Traffic checks

Police have announced three speed checks for Wednesday.

Two in the morning:

  • Rue Manternach in Ettelbruck.
  • Route de Grevenmacher in Roodt-sur-Syre

And one in the afternoon:
  • Rue de Niederkorn in Sanem.

Drive safely!
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