13 new petitions are available for members of the public to sign as of Thursday until 4 April 2019.

The first petition seeks to abolish the collective annual leave in the construction and civil engineering sectors for the duration of the summer. The reason for this being the large number of construction sites throughout the country, on which production stops for three weeks to allow for summer holidays.

A second petition examines the pension scheme. The pensions elderly people who lived during a different time. In past years, the man of the house would work and the wife would be a stay-at-home mother, whereas nowadays women tend to work. The petition seeks to re-examine the pension scheme in order to ensure that those elder people will not descend into poverty.

The third petition asks for a new International School to be developed in western Luxembourg, so that non-native parents can enrol their children in a school closer to home, thus ensuring better integration within the community.

Next, a fourth petition tackles the issue of cross-border workers and absence through sickness. The petition seeks to legitimise the postage stamp on a doctor-issued certificate of absence to avoid employees facing adverse consequences should their certificate be delayed in the post. The petition hopes this could allow employers to take the date of postage into account and therefore allow flexibility in their handling of absence.

Moving on to medicine, the fifth petition wishes to allow alternative healing methods, such as acupuncture or homeopathy, to be covered by the National Health Fund. This would open up access for patients seeking this type of treatment.

The sixth petition seeks to add lessons on diversity and tolerance to the national curriculum. By introducing the topic at an early age, the lessons would reduce the potential of hate crimes and avoid problematic attitudes towards minorities.

The next petition highlights discrepancies concerning driver's licenses and the expiration dates and believes the current system causes unnecessary renewals.

The following petition revolves around the question of paternity and parental leave. Currently, women receive 3 months' leave to be taken around the time of birth - men receive 10 days. The petition seeks to improve paternity leave to 3 months, so men would be better able to support their partners post-birth, and take a more active role in caring for their child.

The ninth petition wishes to reinstate the bus stops on the Avenue Kennedy on Kirchberg, which were removed with the inauguration of the tram. The argument states that many commuters are losing time on their journeys, as they now have to change from a bus to the tram in order to reach their destination. This may be dissuading people from using the available public transport.

Next, demands are being made of the National Health Fund to take on the payment of osteopath fees without delay. According to this petition, the treatment is beneficial to many patients, and would avoid unnecessary payments to alternative, less successful treatments.

The next petition seeks to improve rights and protection for co-owners of rented properties. Currently, if tenants do not follow the rules within the property, or display anti-social behaviour, any recourse falls upon the main proprietor, and if they do not take action, there are no further consequences. By improving upon the current laws, the petition hopes to restore more power to the co-owner in order to protect their property and belongings.

The Luxembourg Consumer Association has put forward a demand to end unfair and unsociable pay policies and excessively high fees imposed by banks and the POST. The ULC hosted a press conference on the matter on Thursday.

The final petition returns to the subject of public transport. Once free public transport comes into effect, the first class section should be reserved for people with limited mobility, not necessarily those confined to wheelchairs. As first class would no longer be required once fares are abolished, this would provide a simple solution for the passengers requiring the space, without incurring further costs.

If you wish to sign any of the petitions, visit the Chamber of Deputies' website.