Luxembourg's foreign minister met with his Ethiopian counterpart Osman Saleh Mohammed. Asselborn voiced both praise and criticism.

Leaving a decades-long conflict behind them, leaders from Ethiopia and Eritrea are finally gathering to resolve disagreements and join efforts in order to improve the situation in poverty-stricken areas.

Asselborn applauded this historical reconciliation. Both countries can only profit from the cooperation, he stressed.

On a less positive note, Asselborn also addressed Eritrea's comparatively poor human rights record after visiting a refugee camp. At the same time, he also expressed hope that the Ethio-Eritrean reconciliation could give birth to the required political and economic reforms. The discussions between the two countries could be key to improvement, Asselborn hoped.

He also underlined the EU's willingness to support the creation of new jobs and the rehabilitation of road and port networks between Eritrea and Ethiopia. In his view, a strengthening of the countries' legal systems also goes hand in hand with economic development.