On Tuesday morning, the Ombuds-committee for the Rights of the Child(ORK) provided the relevant parliamentary commission with a report on improvements required for children participating in sports clubs.

The two key issues in the ORK's report were the mental health of children and detrimental effects of children joining sports clubs.

As an aside to the risk of injury and bodily harm, the report highlighted the risk of verbal abuse and too much pressure to succeed, whether the latter comes from coaches, parents, or supervisors.

As a consequence, the ORK recommended that those institutions dedicated to helping children in such cases need to be better set up. One key aspect highlighted by the ORK is the need for collaboration between such bodies.

CSV MP Françoise Hetto-Gaasch agreed with the report's findings, additionally suggesting the need to examine the causes of such mental issues as well as treating them. This in turn would allow sports clubs to prevent such issues from forming.

There was only time to cover part of the ORK's report in Tuesday morning's meeting, as the report consists of over 200 pages. The MPs vowed to address the remaining issues in a further meeting.