The administrative court has proclaimed a number of rulings concerning the Diekirch town planning agreement, one in favour of the municipality and the Ministry of Home Affairs and two against them.

The court ruled in favour of the ministry and the municipality of Diekirch in a case concerning the classification outside the perimeter of the land at the foot of the Herrenberg hill. In light of the unique layout of the land, the court agreed that the Ministry of Home Affairs and the municipality had not overstepped the boundaries of the town planning agreement (PAG), despite its proximity to the old PAG.

However, the court ruled against the municipality and ministry in the two other cases, instead ruling in favour of the director of the Water Management Agency. The director confirmed that the land in question could be built upon, but would require special conditions as the land was within the risk zone for floods.

The municipality and ministry had again overstepped the boundaries by changing the classification of the land from 'buildable' to 'not buildable'. As per the court ruling, the file must return to the municipal council for a vote.