On Tuesday, the Court of Auditors presented its observations concerning party funding to the relevant parliamentary commission.

There were two aspects that the Court of Auditors highlighted as requiring further attention in the future. The first concerned online election campaigns: Who pays who how much in online campaigns and how does this influence campaigns?

The report recommended reforming the party funding law in order to bear in mind the new and increasingly employed method of political communication. The Court of Auditors is unable to accurately monitor online communications with the existing grey areas in internet campaigning.

The other key issue is a required improvement between party collaborations. When multiple entities collaborate on one list, then financial questions must be clarified.

The court did request further details from the Pirate Party, as the party used an intermediary company to pay for a number of bills. In response, Sven Clement explained that the agency of a party member prepaid a German company for a number of posters.

The court ended its observation by stating that the Pirate Party had not exploited any financial advantages.