The campaign is a government effort to stand up for gender equality and stand up to sexism.

The commission of the young women's council is of the opinion that secondary school pupils are often confronted with sexual violence and sexism - even in their school programme. The women's council believes that these forms of behaviours are being normalised.

The Dudelange Mayor and MP Dan Biancalana asked Minister for Education Claude Meisch and Minister for Equal Opportunities Taina Bofferding what their plans are for dealing with sexism in the education system.

Their reply was clear: Classic works of literature should be put in context and students should be taught critical reading skills to give them a more informed idea of the matter at hand.

While works of literature should be put in context, it is also important to make sure that historic realities are not subject to censorship or judgement but rather analysed and taken apart to see which reflections might have influence the author.

On the whole, the government is resolved to stand in for equality between men and women and to combat sexism.

To this end, the government has launched a new awareness campaign to raise the issue of inequality and sexism in secondary schools across Luxembourg.