The defendant, a Luxembourger who was sentenced to 21 months behind bars with probation on involuntary manslaughter charges only 15 days ago, has now appealed the verdict.

The district court of Saarbrücken, the capital of the Saarland region close to Luxembourg, confirmed this news upon further inquiry.

Whether the case will actually make it to the appeals court will be decided by the criminal division for appeals of the Federal Supreme Court in Leipzig.

Legal experts will be looking into the case to determine whether one or more legal errors were made during the first trial that could warrant bringing the case back in front of another chamber of the Saarbrücken district court.

A man, in a heated exchange, had pushed his neighbour in November 2017 in Perl, Germany, which caused the woman to fall and hit her head. The woman later died in a Saarlouis hospital as as a result of the significant brain injuries caused during the altercation.

Apart from a prison sentence, the defendant was also ordered to pay the woman's husband and her two sisters €9,000 in total, payable within six months.