Raphaël Halet, one of the two whistle-blowers in the Luxleaks scandal, is pressing charges against Luxembourg at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

If Halet succeeded in his case, it would be a big step forward in his fight against tax evasion. This was the reasoning behind the former PricewaterhouseCoopers employee's petition before the European Court of Human Rights, which he explained on social media. The court has granted Halet's request for another trial in this case.

Raphaël Halet was sentenced to a €1,000 fine by a Luxembourgish court of law in the Luxleaks trial. Halet accused the Luxembourgish courts of only getting the job half done.

While the Grand Ducal courts recognised that Halet was acting on behalf of the public interest, he was still punished for speaking out and shining a light on tax evasion in Luxembourg.

In addition to this, the Frenchman argued that key witnesses in the case, such as Marius Kohl, were not heard.

In a statement to the Quotidien newspaper, Halet said that he wanted to be recognised as a whistle-blower who acted on behalf of the public interest.

The trial is expected to start in early 2020.