Good morning, one and all! It is Tuesday 12 February and the sky will be cloudy, but at least it's dry.

In contrast to Sunday and Monday, you'll be able to give your wellies and your umbrella the day off on Tuesday because it will actually be dry for a change. Still, Tuesday will be a rather cloudy and slightly windy day.

Temperatures will be between 0°C in the morning and 7°C during the day.

On the whole, this week will be a lot more pleasant than the previous, with a bit of good weather back on the menu towards the end of the week.

Traffic checks

Several traffic checks have been announced for Tuesday:

  • Rue de Dippach in Holzem (morning)
  • Rue de Hesperange in Itzig (morning)
  • CR340 in Reuler (morning)
  • Cr122 in Rodenbourg (afternoon)

Have a lovely day!

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