The Chamber of Deputies is unrelenting when it comes to the government's failed Planetary Resources file. MPs continued to query who made what decisions at what time.

The parliamentary commission on the economy continues to seek answers to how the government's involvement with Planetary Resources became so disastrous.

On Monday, the commission invited a representative of the SNCI (Société Nationale de Crédit et d’Investissement - the public law banking institution which finances Luxembourgish investments) to respond to questions such as why 25% of the initial capital of the company was paid when the SNCI only invested in 10% of shares.

However, as the meeting revealed, all was in order with the accounts, leaving MPs to continue to seek clarity. The representative also highlighted that it is not the SNCI's role to consider whether the decision to invest in a company is legal or not.

As a result, opposition MPs continue to pressure the government to clarify the details concerning Planetary Resources.