On the 11th day of February (11/2), the European Union raises awareness of the Europe-wide emergency number 112. The day promotes the existence and appropriate use of the emergency number.

In 28 countries in the EU, you can call the emergency line 112 for free at any time and any day.

In Luxembourg, the emergency line receives over 800 calls a day. The line is manned by five operators and a control room manager (chef de salle). These emergency service workers answer calls made to 112 and treat them accordingly.

The number can be used to reach emergency services in Luxembourg, predominantly firefighters and paramedics. The police emergency line has its own dedicated number, 113.

In 2017, there was a total of 262,000 calls to the emergency line. This in turn worked out to an average of 720 per day, corresponding to 180 incident responses per day for emergency service personnel.

When called, the most important information operators must receive is where help is needed, or where an accident occurred. The person calling should endeavour to be as precise as possible. Operators also try to ascertain what exactly happened by asking a number of specific questions before deciding which emergency services should be sent in response.

A key aspect of European 112 Day is to raise awareness on the phone line's appropriate use. Some call the number to find out which hospital or pharmacy is on duty that evening, which is information found easily online or by calling the information number 9007 1234. These types of calls should be avoided as they take up the time of operators when they could possibly be dealing with a critical accident where time is of the essence.