Weather services preventively rang the alarm bells: minor floods and heavy gusts of wind of up to 80km/h were predicted on Sunday.

They were right to warn people of the bad weather conditions on Sunday: On the night from Sunday to Monday, no fewer than 54 calls were made to emergency services.

A lot of rain came down on Sunday, which led to floods and high water levels across Luxembourg. Up to 30 litres per square metre reportedly came down over the course of 12 hours.

Och d'Äisch ass um Klammen / © RTL Mobile Reporter / Jerry Peffer

Until midnight, Meteolux had warned that another 10 litres of rain could come down per square metre.

On average, the 12 hour period between Saturday evening and Sunday at noon saw 20 to 30 litres come down per square metre. The north west of the country was hit hardest, but the main bad weather front has since passed the Grand Duchy.

Those who were on the road on Sunday had been warned to watch out for aquaplaning on Luxembourg's motorways.

In Ettelbruck, the Alzette river's water levels grew steadily. At 3pm, emergency services warned people in a Facebook post that many cars were still stationed along the river and that they "might be flooded within an hour" if they weren't moved.

After that, the parking lot next to the river soon thinned out. The training goals of the local football club were moved and municipality workers disconnected the parking metres. No one was allowed back onto the parking lot from Sunday evening.

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Because of the heavy rainfall, many people called the emergency services on Sunday. At 5pm,  early on Sunday evening, emergency services had already recorded about 100 calls. In 20 cases, firefighters had to be sent out because trees or branches were blocking streets. There were also called out about 16 times to help people with their flooded cellars.

During the night from Sunday to Monday, emergency services were called a further 54 times, Emergency services had to go out 5 times to clear the streets from fallen trees and branches and 14 cellars had to be pumped out.

Temperatures dropped during the night, which meant that snow fell in parts of the country, for example in Grosbous and Eschdorf.

VIDEO: Vill Waasser am Heischtergronn
Duerch de ville Reen hu sech plazeweis grouss Massen u Waasser gesammelt.

Ardennes X-Trail cancelled in Wiltz

The Ardennes X-trail has also been cancelled due to the weather conditions.

Participants will be refunded.