The Luxembourg Old-timer Federation feels discriminated against by the SNCT's (national society for technical inspections) recent price hike.

Jim Krier, a member of the Luxembourg Old-timer Federation, stated in an interview with RTL that the federation is confused by the fact that technical inspection prices for vintage and collector's cars are set to go up even though the technical inspection will remain the same.

The federation can not understand the reason behind the SNCT's decision to up prices for vintage cars in particular.

Owners of vintage cars used to pay €37.50 for a technical inspection, but this price has recently been significantly increased to €69. The vice-president of the Luxembourg Old-timer Federation Dan Medinger is just as clueless as to the SNCT's justification for this price hike.

Medinger argued that the technical inspection of a vintage car is actually even easier and quicker to do than an inspection for a modern car with plenty of built-in electronics.

The federation is also doubtful that the price increase could be politically motivated since old-timers are relatively sustainable. Jim Krier argued that the construction of new cars had the biggest negative impact on the environment.

The Luxembourg Old-timer Federation however also criticise the UK system, in which vintage cars are not subject to technical inspections at all. Medinger stressed that it is important to make sure that vintage cars are safe on Luxembourg's roads and that they should absolutely be subject to technical inspection at regular intervals.

Even though the Luxembourg Old-timer Federation agrees with the SNCT on this basic issue, they do not agree with their new pricing, For this reason, they have requested a meeting with Minister for Transport François Bausch.

Bausch on the other hand already pointed out that he has nothing to do with the SNCT's price list.