Mayor of Schifflange Paul Weimerskirch confirmed a case of Hepatitis A at the primary school at a local council meeting on Friday.

A student in cycle one class in the Albert Wingert building was affected by the virus. According to the Lëtzebuerger Wort, staff from the local commune came to sanitise the school, which the communal administrations were not aware of.

Parents were not very well informed either – only those that went to pick up their children at 4pm on Wednesday were told about the incident.

The mayor of Schifflange acknowledged that there was a lack of communication in that case. Even the Ministry of Health was only filled in on the issue on Wednesday.

The head of the sanitary inspection department, Dr. Pierre Weicherding, joined the local council in Schifflange on Friday and assured attendees that all necessary measures will be taken to keep the infection from spreading.

Hepatitis A is a viral infection that can easily be cured in most cases and from which children can be protected through a vaccination.