Bad news for drivers heading into Luxembourg City. The Côte d'Eich will be subject to months of roadworks, which will cause several road closures.

A large roadwork operation will begin in March on and around the Côte d'Eich and will last for around 15 months. A number of infrastructure works are due for the area: Creos will lay down new power lines, Post will install fibre optic cables, and the municipal authorities have to work on pipelines and waterworks.

Over the course of the fifteen months, traffic will be, at times, significantly affected, but also less affected at other times. The municipal authorities organised an information meeting for residents this week.

Traffic will be most significantly affected over the summer. In August, the northbound exit to the capital city towards Beggen, which goes through the Côte d'Eich, will close. The works affecting this stretch of the road should last five months, likely until the end of the year.

At the same time, the road from Kirchberg towards Dommeldange will also close for construction works. European institutions and larger firms based in Kirchberg have been asked to inform employees of the inevitable traffic issues. The road will open again in August.

Whilst Luxembourg City's authorities will issue reminders before the summer and the most impactful roadworks, the entire announcement of the areas affected is already online on (see below), and on RTL as well as on television.

The roads affected by the roadworks are Place F.J Dargent, Rue d'Eich, Rue de Mühlenbach, Rue August Laval, and Rue Munchen-Tesch.

The below link shows a presentation destined to residents, which provides more informations on road closures and consequent changes.