Hello everyone, it is Monday, those on a trad working week no the gloom that pervades...however it is getting better even if a risk of flood remains in the north of the country.

After a particularly stressful weekend, with strong winds and torrents of water that have caused  several rivers to burst their banks, the week begins more calmly on this Monday 11 February.

But Meteolux keeps its yellow alert on for the northern half of the country, with a flood warning for the Sûre.

The day will begin with clouds, but it should remain dry.

In the afternoon, the clouds will break up, allowing the sun to break through.

The rain will be able to make a return come the end of the day.

Temperatures will range from 0 to 6 °C.

Please don't despair and note that the weather conditions should improve further during the week.

Traffic checks

Police have announced four speed checks for the first day of the week:

Two in the morning:

  • on Rue de Soleuvre in Belvaux ,
  • on Rue Laach in Niederanven. 

And two in the evening:

  • on Rue Jules Fischer in Bonnevoie ,
  • on the Boukelserstrooss in Hosingen. 

Don't let Monday get you down!

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