The parliamentary commission on work has begun preparing the draft bill to introduce an extra legal day off and bank holiday as soon as possible, despite protests from the Chamber of Commerce.

The commission president, LSAP MP Georges Engel, was designated the rapporteur of the project. The political consensus throughout the commission was to push through the draft bill as soon as possible so that the measures can enter into effect this year. There is as of yet no specific timeline set out.

As for Europe Day, MPs inquired whether the government would plan special events to both mark the day and raise awareness of the significance of the day. Minister for Labour, Employment, and the Social and Solidarity Economy, Dan Kersch, responded that the government is beginning preparations for a demonstration or public festival for the day.

The draft bill will raise the number of legal days off for private sector employees from 25 to 26 days. Kersch took the opportunity to again provide a reminder that this would not be an automatic update to the number of days off, as different collective agreements have different holiday setups for their employees.

He also reminded MPs that the government will not involve itself in discussions between employers and trade unions concerning the collective agreements. He highlighted that it is up to the trade unions to request amendments to collective agreements for a supplementary day off.