The Chamber of Commerce is firmly against the government's proposal of giving employees two further days off, one on 9 May and one extra vacation day.

The Chamber of Commerce expressed their dissent in a statement that was published this week.

The very first sentence of the statement firmly states the Chamber of Commerce's position: "The Chamber of Commerce is opposed to the draft law." They said that they were both opposed to the principle as well as to the speed at which the proposed change of law is being pushed forward, saying that the private sector had not been included in any discussions of consultations even though private sector employers would be the most heavily impacted.

The Chamber of Commerce stated that they were very perturbed by this, because productivity would likely go down and costs would go up. In addition to this, adding two further days off would also lead to organisational problems.

The Chamber of Commerce was also unhappy about the fact that the financial document relating to the draft law stated that the project would "minimally impact" the national budget. The Chamber of Commerce argues that it would feel that way to lawmakers because government employees have more than 26 days off per year anyway.