Shortly after midnight on Saturday morning, a car crash occurred in Berchem. The driver responsible for the crash had been drinking.

The man was driving through Berchem when he caused the car crash at a crossing. The man wanted to turn onto the Rue de Livange when he let himself become distracted by another vehicle that had been in an accident. He crashed into oncoming traffic, causing a second accident.

None of the people involved in the car crash were injured but the two cars did need to be towed away. The driver at fault showed obvious signs of alcohol consumption and was asked to take a test. As soon as the results confirmed the suspicions, the man's driving license was revoked.

On that same night, four more driving licenses were revoked at four different locations.

A patrol noticed a van that was driving in a zigzag manner on the road leading from Moutford to Medingen. The woman at the wheel was asked to take an alcohol test and promptly found herself without a license for driving under the influence.

At around 4.30am on Saturday morning, a car containing three people was pulled over near Ettelbruck because it hadn't been driving straight. In this case, the driver's license was also confiscated at the scene.

In Esch-sur-Alzette, another man fell asleep behind the wheel of his car because of alcohol. The engine was running and the car stood half on the road when police officers arrived at the scene. The driver admitted to being too tired and having drunk a bit too much, which is why he fell asleep for a bit. He also lost his driver's license at the scene.

In Pontpierre, a man was caught driving too fast and was stopped by the police. He also had to hand over his license to the police.