Even though it is only expected to peak in February, the flu has already reached the status of an epidemic in Luxembourg.

According to the head of Sanitary Inspection Dr. Pierre Weicherding, the flu has reached epidemic status in Luxembourg. Weicherding revealed this in an interview with the 100,7 radio station.

Between 5% and 20% of the Grand-Duchy’s population could become infected with the influenza virus this year. Last year's flu season already affected more people than in previous years.

However, a large number of individuals got the flu shot ahead of this year's flu season which lead to stocks being depleted early. Despite the fact that the shot is currently not available due to this shortage, it is possible that fewer people will develop complications in comparison to previous years.

The vaccine shortage triggered parliamentary questions from four MPs: Di Bartolomeo, Hahn, Halsdorf and Engelen all demanded answers from Luxembourg's minister of health Etienne Schneider.

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