Despite the fact that bankers and insurers have more than 30 days leave in a year, they could receive an additional vacation day with the planned additional legal day of leave.

The collective agreement for the banking and insurance sector, which incorporates more than 50,000 employees, has a specific mechanism for calculating leave which could see employees benefiting from the raise in legal days off from 25 to 26.

Those in the sector have their leave and so-called rest days. A banker or insurer aged up to 45 only has the minimum legal amount of leave, but has an additional 8.5 'rest days'. The latter differ legally from ordinary leave.
Lawyer Guy Castegnaro explained the difference to RTL, as the draft bill refers to a raise in legal days off, which means that it does not affect rest days as seen in some collective agreements, notably the banking and insurance one.

As a result, those under 45 stand to have an extra day off as they qualify for it with their minimum legal amount of leave.

The banking trade union Aleba wants employers to take this rise into account as soon as it comes into effect. However, the association of banks ABBL will wait until the draft bill is public before interpreting it.

It is however likely that the ABBL will oppose the opportunity of employees to have an additional day off.