Part of the government's plan VIGILNAT, a major anti-terror exercise took place in Belval on Saturday morning.

Here are some images of the large-scale exercise, which involved nearly 1,200 people, including police officers, emergency services workers, and extras in the area around Rockhal and at the Emile Mayrisch hospital.

The public was advised that even though gunshots and explosions could be heard, there was no danger to the public at any point.

© Haut Commissariat à la protection nationale du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

The (fictional) story behind the drill?

Five terrorists launched an attack during a concert at Rockhal. One of them blew himself up while his accomplices opened fire in the concert hall.

The exercise thus certainly revived painful memories of the 2015 Paris attacks but authorities hope that it will prove useful in the event of real emergency situation in Luxembourg.

Apart from special police forces, medical staff at CHEM hospital also participated in the exercise and rushed the victims with life-threatening injuries to the operating theatre as quickly as possible.

A similarly realistic catastrophe exercise was performed at the Emile Mayrisch hospital in Esch-sur-Alzette last year. / © RTL-Archivbild