Police were kept busy by a number of alcohol-related incidents on our streets.

Despite the good feeling surrounding a recent random roadside check finding not a single soul of the 200+ drivers stopped being over the limit, yesterday was a completely different ball game.

A resident of Strassen's Route d'Arlon had notified the police when he heard a man and a woman fighting on the street at around 1.00 am on Saturday morning.

When officers arrived, they noticed that the couple was standing next to a damaged vehicle. Both people admitted that they had been driving, despite having had too much to drink.

A drug test also came back positive and police seized the woman's marijuana.

In addition, the car documents were not in order and the man was carrying no form of ID, nor a driving license. Both of them were banned from driving and were taken to the hospital for blood and urine sampling.

The car was also confiscated.

A further person had practically presented himself to the police: On Friday around 4.00 pm, the motorist tailgated police officers on the A13.

The officers stopped the man and it turned out that he had consumed too much alcohol. His license was seized.

On the parking lot of Place Staingrad in Esch, a drunk driver damaged five cars.

Their license is now also gone.

During the night, police were called to an accident in Niederfeulen. When they arrived, they found the driver and passenger unharmed.

The driver had though lost control of his vehicle on the road between Ettelbruck and Niederfeulen.

He then ended up in the sidings of the road and hit some wooden fencing. As he had also consumed too much alcohol, the license was seized.

Police then also seized another car of a motorist, who had already been caught behind the wheel without a license in Clervaux on Wednesday.

The vehicle registration was also found not to be in order.

When officers wanted to check the vehicle, the driver pulled a dangerous manoeuvre to get away.

After a brief car chase during which the driver was speeding, he had an accident, but continued onward nonetheless.

After a second accident, the escape attempt came to an end. Besides the driver, who has a current driving ban until 2026, there were two other persons in the car.

Officers found hashish and pepper spray on their person.

When the drug test also came back positive, the driver was admitted to the hospital for a blood test. The court ordered the man's arrest and seizure of the car.

The man was taken into custody, while the two passengers were allowed to go home the same night.