The burglar who had taken jewellery and cash was able to get away. So far the person has not been found. A similar incident took place in Esch.

On Saturday morning, a Hesperange resident in route de Thionville awoke to an unpleasant surprise: at roughly 5.00 am, the woman was woken up by some noise in her room.

She quickly realised that she was being burgled as she spotted the intruder in her bedroom.

When the burglar noticed that the woman had seen them, the intruder escaped.

It turns out that the offender had gained access to the house by breaking open a window.

They had then proceeded to search a number of rooms and managed to steal some jewellery and cash.

So far, there has been no luck in the search for the offender.

Similar incident in Esch

Another incident happened on Friday at around 11.00 pm in Esch's Rue des Argentins: here, the resident was also woken up by a noise. Here however, the burglar wasn't in the resident's room, but in her basement.

When the woman went to check outside her front door, she noticed that the entrance to the basement had been forced open and that two people were sneaking about. Both offenders attempted to run, but were found and apprehended by police shortly thereafter.

Though the offenders apparently didn't steal anything while they were in the basement they did pick up a hefty fine.