A driver was flashed three times by an unmarked car on the A4, measured speeds were discussed in court.

A 28-year-old man was tried for speeding in the Luxembourg City court. In August 2016, his speed was recorded three times a few kilometers apart on the A4 towards Esch-sur-Alzette.

The first time, his speed was measured at 148 km / h instead of 90, then 163 km / h instead of 130 and finally 177 km / h instead of 70. The lawyer of the individual questioned the reliability of the measurements on Friday.

According to the head of the laser device "Traffipatrol", this one is designed for static controls, according to Mr Keipes during his plea. It is possible to perform checks from a moving car, but the result would only be relative. In addition, in order to carry out correct measurements, the device must be connected to the car meter used by the police. A known problem that has never been solved.

The defendant's lawyer finds it unusual that his client was followed for 5 kilometers on the highway, after the first infraction of 163 mph was found. Due to the evidence being irregular, the young man's lawyer asked for his acquittal.

The policeman who carried out the various measurements, noted a real speed of 177 km / h and his colleague who was driving found that the meter indicated 190 km / h. The "Traffipatrol" only measures the speed of the vehicle in which it is located: the speed of another vehicle can not be measured in this way.

The defendant did not deny that he drove too fast but refused to accept the speeding charges against him.

According to the prosecutor's representative, every effort is made to try to forget that the accused was speeding three times. For the general inspection of the police, the procedure has been respected and no illegal element is to be emphasized. It is therefore three offenses including two high speed crimes.

The seriousness of the events therefore prompted the Public Prosecutor's Office to demand a fine and an 18-month suspended license revocation. The judgment will be pronounced on February 5th.