59 recruits took part in the 4 month basic training programme. 33 graduated from the programme, corresponding to the 55.9% success rate.

Among the 33 new volunteered soldiers, 3 are Portuguese nationals.


Official press release

François Bausch attended the solemn promise ceremony of 33 volunteer soldiers (11.01.2019).

On January 11th 2019, the Luxembourg army conducted the military center in Diekirch with the solemn promise of the 32nd session of recruits. In the presence of Defense Minister François Bausch, 33 volunteer soldiers, including three Portuguese nationals, were sworn in.

This ceremony marks the completion of the four-month basic training for volunteers. This phase is intended to prepare recruits for their military training, which continues for 36 months. Out of a total of 59 recruits, 33 successfully completed basic training, corresponding to a success rate of 55.9%.

On the occasion of this ceremony, a medal of recognition was awarded to the members of the Luxembourg contingents deployed during the years 2017 and 2018 in Mali, Kosovo, Lithuania and Afghanistan, as well as to a pilot officer who participated in support missions in the operational zone.