Yesterday, we announced that the CFL would be temporarily suspending two rail services: between Noertzange and Rumelange, and between Esch-sur-Alzette and Audun-le-Tiche.

The news has certainly caused ire, as the bus replacement services take twice as long as the trains. As it happens, it appears that the network does not have sufficient trains to run these two services.

Upon first inquiry, the CFL was reluctant to give any details on the temporary suspension. By mid-afternoon on Friday, the national rail network has declared itself willing to provide an interview, which will take place this evening on RTL Television.

© Pierre Weimerskirch/RTL

The cause of the suspension of both lines is a technical error. The machine which smooths down the wheels of the Z2 trains, the old yellow trains, has become defective. As a result, those trains have been removed from the network. At least four trains were taken to Thionville, where they await repairs. This information was confirmed by the trade unions Landesverband and Syprolux.

The lack of communication on behalf of CFL caused for a lot of anger in the Kayl region on social media.