The amount of legal vacation days is set to rise to 26 and there will be a further bank holiday on 9 May, Europe Day.

The state council passed both legislative texts on Friday morning. While this is a first step towards accepting this legislation, the Chamber of Deputies, Luxembourg's parliament, will still need to vote on the draft bill.

Upon inquiry, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security Dan Kersch confirmed he is optimistic that the measures will be passed by parliament. As Kersch specified in an interview, while Europe Day will apply to all workers, the 26th vacation day will not apply to those who have more vacation days due to collective agreements.

According to Statec, around 60% of the private sector has collective agreements in place. The draft bill also does not include automatic adjustments of collective agreements. However, there are judicial questions concerning how different collective agreements are formulated.

For instance, the civil service collective agreement is clear that employees have 32 vacation days. However, other agreements may cite that the employee has the minimum amount of vacation days plus an extra one, two, or more days. The minister explained that the government will examine this judicial issues if and when they arise.

According to Kersch, the government is on the same page in terms of introducing the extra days off.