The relatively young party "Déi Konservativ" (the Conservatives) met for its New Year's reception in Pétange.

Joe Thein, the right-wing party's president, highlighted the importance of building relationships with citizens in 2019, rather than focusing too much on politics. And yet, Thein specified that the party should "go into battle for a political and societal goal, which is a free, civic, and collective society."

Despite the hostilities, discrimination, and falsehoods "Déi Konservativ" allegedly had to face, Thein stated that the party is keen to advocate Luxembourgish interests. The party expressed its need to be unwavering in the face of other parties, the media, and others who attack the freedoms and rights of the members of the Conservatives. Thein called for his party's members not to allow others, who "stand on the other side of goodness", to call them "too right-wing" and "evil".

Thein also thanked members and voters for their support and dedication over the last two years. The party got 2.4% of votes in municipal elections (2,500 votes), and 0.52% in the legislative elections (10,000 votes).