Minister for Defence, Francois Bausch, made his aim of making law enforcement careers more attractive clear in his meeting with the relevant parliamentary commission on Thursday.

In the meeting with the parliamentary commission, Bausch presented the government's five year plan in both security and defence.

Bausch confirmed that there would be a consultation debate in the autumn to examine the results of the police reform and that improvements would be made if required. The police trade union has been quite vocal about its discontent with the reform.

CSV MP Léon Gloden reminded Bausch that, despite the reform, recruitment has not improved. In 2018 there were 81 openings and barely half were filled. Gloden explained that exactly what the CSV warned against had happened, as the police was experiencing the same issues as before the reform.

Gloden called for additional efforts to alleviate police officers' administrative work, recruit civil personnel, and make the career of police officer more attractive to potential recruits. Above all, Gloden highlighted that it is crucial to have the police at the same level as CGDIS and the army, recruitment wise.

Bausch echoed Gloden's sentiment, stating that making the job and career more attractive is one of his key goals. Bausch's proposed suggestions include better communication and more adverts for police recruitment. He explained that, at every level from the most junior police officer up to the minister, everybody should be providing an image of police work that makes it look attractive.

He also expressed his desire to improve police training in order to entice more recruits.

Bausch also announced that the police would introduce a pilot phase of using dash cameras, which was praised by the CSV. The CSV was equally pleased that Bausch did not exclude introducing a similar test phase with tasers.