As part of a new campaign for road and traffic safety, the police will be increasing licence checks next week, from 14 to 20 January.

Before the campaign begins, the police have issued a public reminder that every driver must have their driver's licence on them when they drive, as well as the vehicle's insurance papers, the registration certificate, and the tax vignette.

If you cannot show your licence, the police will fine you €24. If your tax vignette has expired, the fine will rise to €74.

As well as generally checking driver's licences, the police will be more vigilant in checking other aspects of road safety, such as whether the registration plates are legible and not dirty and the quality of your cars lights. If either of these aspects are lacking, that will cost €49.

A further aspect of car maintenance could also lead to fines. If the police stop a car whose front or side windows are too dirty to see out of, for instance because they are icy or had been snowed on, this could lead to a €74 fine. So if your vehicle is icy in the morning, it is better to be thorough with scraping the ice off completely. However, turning your car on and upping the heat to de-ice the windows is not authorised and can lead to a fine of €49.