At the reception looking back at 2018, feelings were certainly bittersweet as the party mourned the loss of one of their own alongside what should have been an outstanding year for the party.

On Thursday evening at the New Year's reception, party president Christian Kmiotek spoke about his late colleague, Camille Gira, in the first instance. He remembered how the party seemed paralysed in the weeks after Gira's shock death. But afterwards, the party pulled itself together and fought an election campaign that would have tied in with Gira's ideals.

The party was affirmed that it had worked well with its result in the October elections. Both Kmiotek and MEP Tilly Metz spoke about international topics too, citing the broad egoism leading to the scapegoating of refugees for society's ills. Instead, she proclaimed that the distance between the rich and poor was ever-growing within the EU.

The party will decide over the next few weeks on who will join Metz as candidates for the European elections.