Police arrested two drivers who were found to be in possession of large quantities of drugs, in Raemerich (Esch-sur-Alzette) and Luxembourg City.

At a traffic check at the Raemerich roundabout on Thursday shortly after midnight, police officers decided to investigate a motorist whose roadworthiness test had expired in September 2018.

As the police checked the driver and his vehicle, the man had to do a breathalizer test. He was under the influence of alcohol, but did not breach the limit for driving. However, as the officers examined his license, they noted that it was a falsified document.

The officers checked the man and found half a gram of cocaine, utensils to cut drugs, and two brass knuckles. The police fined the man on the spot.

50 grams of cannabis

At 2am on Thursday morning, police officers on patrol noticed a parked car with the running motor in a car park on Allée du Carmel in the City. As the police vehicle headed towards the car, the driver drove away quickly. The police officers caught up with the driver on Rue de la Tour Jacob and checked his vehicle.

Very quickly, the officers noted a particular odour in the car and made the driver take a drugs test. The driver tested positive for cannabis. The officers searched the car, finding a plastic bag with around 25 grams of cannabis and scales. As they searched the driver, they found a further 24 grams. The man went to hospital for a blood test.

Further to that, the man's roadworthiness test was invalid.