The Liberal Party invited its members to a New Year's reception in Melusina on Wednesday evening.

Of course, the reception included looking back at 2018, the year that the DP managed to form a second coalition government. But the impetus was also on looking towards the future, especially the European elections in May.

The elections came up three times successively in what were still relatively short speeches. Prime minister Xavier Bettel, party president Corinne Cahen, and secretary general Claude Lamberty all addressed the evening's guests.

Lamberty greeted members with the words: "We are so happy!" Last year, the party set itself a large goal and managed to achieve it.

Both Cahen and Bettel thanked the DP members for the success of the legislative elections.

In speaking about the significance of the European elections, Bettel acknowledged the criticism that the EU gets but highlighted its positive side. The EU is a community and Bettel warned against letting politicians and tendencies tear people apart and allow intolerance to grow.

Despite the importance of the European elections, Bettel was quick to state that the party must not forget its national challenge. Luxembourg is doing well compared to its neighbours, who are currently dealing with the 'gilets jaunes', the right-wing AfD, or a government in crisis. Despite this, he vowed not to forget those who are struggling in the Grand Duchy.

© Nadine Gautier