On Thursday, the police reported that there had been two further incidents in which cars were on fire, one of which took place in Hesperange again.

At around 1am, a police patrol was alerted to smoke on Rue Gaessel in Hesperange. The cause of the smoke became clear as the officers arrived at the scene: the rear end of a van was in flames.

The officers reacted quickly and extinguished the fire before it spread. Firefighters came to the scene shortly afterwards.

This marks the fourth vehicle which has been on fire in the area of Hesperange and Bonnevoie within the last week. The police have claimed that they cannot exclude the possibility that this is the work of an arsonist.

Fire in Roeser

At around 1.30am, a car on Rue Bivange in Roeser caught fire. Firefighters were called to extinguish the fire.