The latest organisation to publish their conclusions concerning the new government's coalition agreement, Asti (Association de Soutien aux Travailleurs Immigrés - Support for Migrant Workers Association) takes a critical stance.

The association, which advocates more support for migrant workers in the Grand Duchy, presented its findings following its analysis of the coalition agreement. Asti concluded that the government's integration aims were disappointing, as only one of 235 pages was dedicated to the subject.

Asti advocates allowing all residents to vote under the same conditions and supported a 'yes' vote to 2015's referendum. The association deplored that the government is not revisiting the question of allowing non-Luxembourgers to contribute to decisions on crucial questions concerning Luxembourg's future.

The only allusion to this issue in the coalition agreement came in the form of acknowledging Luxembourg's democratic deficit, but according to Asti the agreement failed to mention any concrete solutions.

The association's spokesperson, Sergio Ferreira, also deplored the government's lack of plans to fight discrimination, racism, and xenophobia.


Laura Zuccoli / © Didier Weber / RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg

Asti's president, Laura Zuccoli, also explained that the coalition agreement lacked an important question, namely issues faced by cross-border workers. Cross-border workers make up 48% of Luxembourg's workforce, but according to Asti the government is only truly focusing on issues that relate to traffic and mobility. The few measures mentioned in the agreement, such as the creation of flexible working agreements, did not address how cross-border workers and the taxes they pay contribute to Luxembourg's wealth.

The association did not only criticise the new government, but also praised its immigration policy. Asti appreciated that the coalition agreement addresses the important contribution that immigration makes to the Grand Duchy's economy. The organisation also praised the fact that people with refugee status can bring their families with them. Asti did, however, express concern about the budget for a number of refugee integration projects. According to Zuccoli, the state needs to evaluate funding as otherwise the funding from the OEuvre Grande-Duchesse Charlotte would run out soon.


© Didier Weber / RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg

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