The public prosecutor's office released a press statement on Tuesday following reports of a royal jewellery theft in the Belgian media.

The public prosecutor's office confirmed that the theft took place in June 2017. On 22 June 2017, the day before Luxembourg's national day, the Grand Ducal court reported the theft to the police.

According to the press release, the theft was not a planned operation.

On Tuesday, Belgian media outlets reported that a make-up artist for Queen Mathilde and other prominent figures had been taken into custody in relation to the theft due to a formal letter submitted by the Luxembourgish judicial authorities to the Belgian authorities. The make-up artist was arrested in the Schaerbeek neighbourhood in Brussels on Monday.

The authorities suspect that this royal make-up artist may have stolen the jewels belonging to the Grand Ducal family as investigators found traces of his DNA in the area where the jewels went missing.

The man, who allegedly did Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie's make-up for her wedding, is being investigated for the theft, but has not been arrested. According to Sudpresse, the jewel theft was not planned in advance, but instead the thief took advantage of an opportunity to make away with the jewels.

The public prosecutor's office did not specify which jewels were stolen or the value of the jewels.