Good morning everyone, it is Monday, 10 December, and the heavy rain is behind us.

As we leave behind yesterday's at-time-seeming torrential downpours, today we'll see variable cloudy and clear skies. Apart from a few isolated, weak showers this morning, we're moving into what is expected to be a rain-free spell all this week, a week that will also see the temperatures plunging into the negative zone, according to Meteolux.

Today's temperatures will range between 1 and 3 °C in the morning, and between 5 and 7 °C, depending on where you are, in the afternoon.  By this evening, the mercury will have dropped down to between 2 and 2 °C.

Road Checks

4 speed checks have been announced by police on this Monday :

3 in the morning

  • on Rue de Hautcharage/de la Résistance in Bascharage 
  • on Rue Principale in Hosingen 
  • on Rue de Colmar-Berg in Mersch 

and 1 in the afternoon
  • on Rue de Gasperich in Howald 

Have an excellent start in the new week, and drive safely!

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