Grand Duchess Maria Teresa visited the Bazar, one of the biggest charity events in Luxembourg, on Saturday afternoon. The International Bazar takes place from 8 to 9 December at the Luxexpo this year.

The traditional International Bazar takes place at the Kirchberg Luxexpo this weekend. With more than 70 booths representing 60 different nations, the International Bazar invites you to taste foreign cuisines and buy handmade products from far-off countries all while supporting humanitarian projects at the same time.

The International Bazar attracts many visitors every year, and this year's 58th edition is no exception. 1,500 volunteers help make the International Bazar the great event that it is, and their work has already been bearing fruit: In 2017, €600,000 were donated to  international charities.

The event, which is under the patronage of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, is also a must for many political figures. The Grand Duchess herself visited the Bazar on Saturday afternoon.

The main purpose of the Bazar is to collect money to support projects which combat poverty and allow women and children to have a better education, more security and improved medical services.

This weekend's profits will be donated to about 70 different projects. This year, the International Bazar's main charity project is the Swedish association "Friends of Portee" which supports schools in Sierra Leon attended by about 500 children.