On Wednesday evening at about 8.35pm, a real-life MacGyver tried to break into a home in Rue de Rome in Mamer.

While his technique was very impressive, his reasons for climbing to the first floor balcony were less than heroic.

The robber took a garden hose and threw it over the balcony railing and started to climb up. The home owner heard the commotion and surprised the would-be thief. The creative criminal fled the scene. Even after the forensic department worked on the scene of the attempted crime, officers could not find any evidence leading to the discovery of the identity of the burglar.

Six more break-ins occurred on Wednesday evening. All six of them took place in Olm: On Boulevard Robert Schuman, in Rue de l'Indépendance and in Avenue Grand-Duc Jean. Even though police officers had the help of a search dog, none of the criminals could be caught.

Witnesses who might have seen suspicious activity in Olm between 5pm and 8pm are asked to contact the Esch-sur-Alzette police department under the number 4997-5500.