The Irish airline giant Ryanair will start offering flights from Luxembourg to Berlin in 2019. This will bring the total number of Ryanair destinations from Luxembourg up to 10.

Ryanair will fly to the new destination from 21 April 2019 and will offer four flights per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Tickets are already available online and sell for between €26 and €66 depending on the dates. Return tickets currently don't vary in price.

With this latest move, Ryanair will be in direct competition to the Luxembourgish airline Luxair and budget airline EasyJet, which both offer flights to Berlin already.

Ryanair currently trails just behind Findel's number 1 airline Luxair in terms of passenger numbers. In 2017, 364,000 people used Ryanair's services from Findel airport.

Ryanair currently offers 10 destinations from Luxembourg: Milan, Lisbon, Porto, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Seville and Dublin. In 2018, Edinburgh and Berlin will be added to that list.