Frank Engel believes that the centre-right Christian Social People's Party CSV needs to reinvent itself and become more visible and relevant in the eyes of voters.

After the current CSV party president Marc Spautz announced in a Thursday morning interview with RTL that he will not be running for re-election to the post of party president, MEP Frank Engel launched his own campaign to become the next party leader.

Things didn't go according to plan for the CSV in the October election. They lost 2 seats and according to Engel, this should be a wake-up-call for the party. He believes that the party needs to reinvent itself and that he could be the man to do it. In their five years as an opposition party, Engel says that the CSV failed to position itself and give voters a good reason to elect them into government again.

Despite all of this, Engel said that the party is enthusiastic about the future and wants to move forward - an energy Engel believes that the party should channel into workable policy proposals.

Potential candidates can enter their nominations until 9 January. On 26 January, the members of the party will vote on the important issue at a party convention.

Luxembourg City alderman Serge Wilmes is another CSV politician who would be up for the job as party president and will likely run against Engel on 26 January.

Even Luc Frieden, who used to be minister for defence, justice and finance in the CSV government and switched to the private sector after his party dropped out of government, is thinking of making a political comeback. The current president of the administrative board at the Bil bank and at Saint Paul is thinking about running for the job as party president.

Luc Frieden