Two parliamentary questions submitted by ADR MP Fernand Kartheiser have led to clashes with two ministers. The second of Kartheiser's questions appears to have homophobic undertones.

In the first of his parliamentary questions, addressed to minister for family affairs and integration Corinne Cahen, ADR MP Fernand Kartheiser takes issue with CLAE (the liaison committee for non-citizen associations/Comité de Liaison des Associations d'Etrangers), which falls under the jurisdiction of OLAI (the Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency).

Kartheiser described CLAE as manipulating voters with their "propagandistic educational measures", intentionally trying to swing voters. According to RTL reporter Annick Goerens, these assertions would seem more fitting to describe a dictatorship or an authoritarian regime.

CLAE's purpose is to ensure that the various cultures of Luxembourg's diverse population integrate well. Kartheiser seems to view this agency as a danger for Luxembourg's democracy.

Citing the committee's demands in their memorandum addressed to Xavier Bettel as the "formateur" of the new government, Kartheiser believes that CLAE is attempting to manipulate voters.

In the memorandum, the committee asserts that Luxembourg has not performed well in terms of gender equality as only 12 women were elected to the Chamber. The committee proposed that the government set up seminars to raise awareness of this substantial anomaly. Kartheiser interprets this proposal as wanting to push voters' into a particular direction in order for them to elect more women.

According to Kartheiser, this consists of discrimination against men in politics.

In her response to the parliamentary question, Cahen had strong words for the conservative politician. She described his assumption that these recommendations consist of manipulating voters as a "strong assumption". She also expressed her surprise about the format and content of Kartheiser's question, which, in her opinion, is not conducive to a constructive and political dialogue.

She explained that Kartheiser was implying things that the committee was not actually saying in the memorandum. The minister decided to not answer two of the questions contained in Kartheiser's submission as she believed the vocabulary was unacceptable and the questions were falsely suggestive.

The minister took the occasion to remind Kartheiser of the freedom of opinion, stating that if the government were to withdraw financial support from every group whose opinions it disliked, then that would be a dark time for Luxembourg's politics.

Minister for education Claude Meisch will likely react in a similar way to Kartheiser's recent parliamentary question, which takes issue with the fact that children should go watch a play about homosexuality as part of their school curriculum. Goerens evaluated Kartheiser's question as having homophobic undertones.

Allegedly, concerned parents had contacted Kartheiser to inform him that children in cycle 4.2 of primary school have to go watch the play Ein Känguru wie Du ("A kangaroo like you"), which tackles stereotypes concerning homosexuality in a funny way for children.

Kartheiser then went on to ask whether the curriculum also entails a play about "heterosexual, traditional and natural families". The question was submitted on 3 December 2018 and all that remains is for Meisch to respond to this.