At 3pm on Monday, the negotiation delegations of the DP, LSAP, and the Greens met for one last session.

Two hours later at 5pm, the representatives of all three parties (Corinne Cahen for the DP, Etienne Schneider for the LSAP, and Felix Braz for the Greens) alongside formateur Xavier Bettel presented the newly-signed agreement at a press conference.

The second coalition agreement between the three parties is 40 pages longer, coming in at 242 pages. The three parties and Bettel signed the text on Monday. The agreement contains 36 chapters and was described as "ambitious, fair, and sustainable."

Party congresses must still give their approval before the Grand Duke can officially inaugurate Xavier Bettel's government on Wednesday afternoon.

Those wanting to read through the agreement can now do so, as it has been put online. The link to the document can be found below.