It wouldn't be enough to make public transport free to make it more attractive to potential users, the trade union Landesverband wrote in a statement published on Monday morning.

The comment is a response to the recent development suggesting the incoming government plan on making public transport free for everyone.

The Landesverband is in agreement with the train service trade union Syprolux in that regard. They called Luxembourg's public transport a "poisoned gift".

Public transport needs to be improved, according to the Landesverband trade union.

The railway network needs to be expanded overall, and a direct line should be introduced between the Gare area, the city centre, Findel and Kirchberg.

Another line should also be built between Esch-sur-Alzette and Luxembourg City.

The Landesverband trade union would also like to see employment number go up in the public transport sector to help serve clients.